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How monetisation works?

A perfect AI is dependent upon multiple factors including datasets, models, UI, source codes, and more. We let enterprises and developers connect with people who can contribute and source this work for them in exchange for some good bucks.

How can you monetise your time and skills?

There are multiple ways to monetise your time and skills at Sttabot. 

Individual Contribution

Become part of private and public surveys and anonymously share your data to start earning.

Selling datasets

If you already own datasets and survey reports, you can sell it to enterprises using Sttabot.

Refining & Cleaning Data

Help enterprises in cleaning and refining their data using your skills and start earning .

Selling Custom Models

Build a custom LLM model on Sttabot and then sell it's access to other users.

Selling LLM Source Codes

Use Sttabot API to build custom AI apps and sell it to users who need it.

Selling App Access

Simply build your app and add a paywall to let users access your AI.

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