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Sttabot AI Solutions

Custom AI models

Build your own GPT-like model, backed by your very own data and as versatile as the GPT3 itself.




Go beyond GPT with an AI model backed by your own data.

Take one step further in this era of AI by not just building a GPT-backed AI app for your business but actually building your own AI model like GPT. Sttabot Custom Models have the potential of using the vast knowledge of GPT and then filter out responses to suit the responses of a supervised LLM agent.

More Accurate Than GPT

Custom Models are trained on your data to learn and respond like a professional does. It is like a team member who will never leave.

Easy To Train

You just need to get started with the dataset and answers to a few questions to start building your model. Everything else is managed by us.

Build Unlimited Apps

Once your model is built, you can build unlimited number of AI applications on it. You can even let others build on it.



You need to buy a paid plan to use recommendation engine.



Use Cases

Personalized Customer Support

Businesses can create their own AI models using Sttabot Custom Models to provide customer support that reflects the company’s unique tone, style, and domain-specific knowledge. This ensures consistent and on-brand interactions with customers.

Educational Content Generation

Educational institutions can use Sttabot Custom Models to develop AI models that generate customized study materials, quizzes, and explanations. This caters to diverse learning styles and the specific curriculum of each institution.

Medical Diagnosis Assistance

Healthcare providers can create AI models to assist in medical diagnosis. These models can leverage GPT-like knowledge to provide relevant information and suggestions, while being tailored to the language and context familiar to medical professionals.

Legal Research and Analysis

Law firms can build AI models to aid legal research and analysis. These models can quickly sort through vast amounts of legal information, helping lawyers find relevant case law, precedents, and arguments.

Content Creation for Marketing

Marketing agencies can develop AI models that generate marketing content, such as social media posts, blog articles, and ad copy. By training the model on past successful campaigns, it can emulate the agency’s style and voice.

Interactive Storytelling

Sttabot Custom Models can be used to craft interactive storytelling experiences in video games or digital entertainment. The AI can dynamically respond to user choices, enhancing immersion and engagement.


Media and more

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